melodic rock band Tara’s Secret

This is a CLASS album” – Bruce Mee,   Editor – Fireworks Magazine
“An Absolutely Stonking Album” – Paul Jerome Smith – Fireworks
“A Superb Album”  – Ian Johnson,   AOR Dreamzones / Fireworks
“At last, a British rock album to stand up against the imports” Mayfairmallzine
“I wouldn’t expect anything better from the major players of the melodic rock scene”  Loud 1
Listed – Top Albums of 2009 –
“Album Of The Month, 100% Extraordinary” – Alexis, Planeta Rock Argentina
“Feisty, Swaggering Melodic Hard Rock” – RevelationZ
“Like a Mustang Tearing up the Back Streets” – Ian Harvey, Midlands Rocks
“The Best British Melodic Hard Rock album in a decade” – Paul Woodward Midlands Rocks
“I though Eddie Van Halen had turned up, a great album, just buy it” – Rob Evans, Powerplay



UK rockers Tara’s Secret return with their 3rd album VERTIGO

UK rockers Tara’s Secret return with their 3rd album VERTIGO, a full-on rocker with all the power of a Mustang snarling up the back streets. Combining muscle and melody, the band stay true to their roots,
but also bring a modern day twist to the album.

Johnny Trowbridge, Richie Beardsley, Craig Chapman, Dave Deaville & JT spent a year writing and recording the album,
co-produced with Mark Stuart & Sheena Seer at M2 Studios.

VERTIGO is one of the  most full-on rock albums of 2009 with swagger and class. Throw in gutsy performances, great song writing and big production, VERTIGO is set to be a modern day classic.


Tara's Secret